Our Mission:

To reset the local meat standard through education, innovation, and integrity.

Who We Are: 

Central Coast Meats is a San Luis Obispo based livestock company whose vision is to be more than just a small-time farming operation. We strive to use our God-given land and abilities to change the way that people look at the food that they eat and ultimately change the way that people live their lives.

Why We Are Different:

At Central Coast Meats, our objective is to make delicious, healthy, humanely raised meats easily available to the local community. We are strong believers that animals should not be injected with antibiotics, fed using GMO’s, or treated inhumanely. We believe that God designed animals to be out on the pasture: breathing fresh air, soaking up the sunshine, and eating bugs, grass, and weeds.

What We Stand For:

  • Education: We strive to educate the local community on the benefits of pasture raised meats
  • Innovation: We are using our God-given land and abilities to combine old-school farming methods with modern technology.
  • Integrity: We put the health of the animals and our customers above all else
  • Transparency: We believe that there needs to be a honest relationship between the farmer and the consumer. 

 We promote these qualities by having a literal and figurative ‘open gate’ to our farm. You are more than welcome to stop by, unannounced, to our farm to check out our animals, facilities, or just to hang out!